Don't Become A Paralegal

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 Should have listened...

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PostSubject: Should have listened...   Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:41 pm

The job market is no better now than it was five years ago in S.D.; it's probably worse.
I paid thousands for my paralegal certificate at a top-notch school here nearly two years ago and no job yet. If anyone reading this is contemplating going through a program that offers an internship, MAKE SURE AND GET THE RIGHT ONE. Do your homework and don't pick just any internship like I did. I found out later my internship was in such a niche area of law it is virtually useless. Very important to get the right kind of experience and contacts in the legal field so don't make the same mistake I did.
Also I believe being older has held me back. My experience has been attorneys want gals in their 20s as assistants. One guy even told me as much. They can get away with it too as the supply of paralegals outstrips the demand.
San Diego is a who-you-know city, companies hire via word of mouth. If you're from somewhere else and don't have good connections here, you're going to struggle.
I plan to move soon because the disparity between wages vs. cost of living here is ridiculous. Lots of 1099 employees and people working two and three jobs just to have a decent lifestyle.
Those who go through the training here may want to consider relocating afterward to a better job market.
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Should have listened...
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